UKCA Oxygen Controller
Unit 11A
Farthing Road, Ipswich,
Suffolk IP1 5AP
Tel :- 01473 743700

UKCA "TARDIS" Controller for single CA Stores

  - O2
  - CO2
  - Refrigerant monitoring
  - Ethylene

This unit is designed for CA stores and its small size belies its complex interior. Supplied with a remote sensor which is installed in the stores atmosphere the controller measures and displays the relevant levels within the store on a clear digital, LCD display.

Its user adjustable setpoints allows for precise control and ease of use. A volt free relay is activated on the set levels
being exceeded. This controller is operated from mains voltages. The bright display and protective lid makes this unit ideal for the application.

Operating temp 5c to 40c

Ranges: 0 - 100% OXYGEN
  0 - 10% CO2
  0 - 0.1% ETHYLENE

Responce time 15 seconds


An RS232 Output is available for a serial printer. UKCA Ltd provide full after sales support to all its products including regular, planned calibration and maintenance visits making
sure installed systems achieve the best results for our customers. 

The TARDIS range is a joint design with UKCA Ltd and manufactured by Stealth Electronics Ltd, Ipswich, UK