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LAN Stores System- Product code JB Type

This software product was designed for the local networking area (LAN) of various Stealth Controllers Series to a central computer system. In hardware terms the system is connected in a daisy chain configuration with twisted pair cables, between each controllers to the computer port via a master station. In this system the Controllers are programmed to receive and collect data. The main intelligence centre is the PC computer. The PC will make all the control decisions and transmit instructions to the controllers to operate output relays or to request sensor information.

LAN Stores System - Computer controlled


By interfacing to Stealth Electronics controller series modules, it provides real time control and graphing for up to 16 separate stores or zones.

Each zone or store may have its own separate control program(s).

Data is collected and stored indefinitely for later display or printing in graphical format, enabling a complete history of product storage to be verified.

The system may raise alarms on user-determined values; these alarms may be sent to a mobile via text SMS message.

The customer using notepad editor can easily modify the Control programs.

Reliable and proven track record of the system.

Systems installed within the Europe

System can be remotely accessed using PC Anywhere communication program.

The Main Screen
In normal operation the screen below is displayed. The application may be minimised, but will return to its normal position automatically in the event of any alarm condition.

Warning Messages
A message is added to the scrolling list of messages for each zone that has a current alarm, whether that zone is currently displayed or not. If no alarms are active then the message
" All Systems Go! " is displayed.

Ambient Conditions
If your system is fitted with an ambient temperature sensor and/or an ambient RH% sensor then the current values are displayed here.

Audible Alarm Status
When there is no cross through the bell an audible beep is sounded each time a new message is displayed in the Warning Messages area. The beep is disabled from menu item Options - Sounder.

Pager/SMS Status/Emails
When there is no cross over the pager icon paging or SMS messages are transmitted as necessary.

Communication Status
Intended primarily for technician use this display indicates current communication activity with the Series 2000 controllers. The number indicates which S2000, and TX or RX indicates transmission or reception.

Typical Graphs
The graphical displays available on this program allow for useful and fully versatile graphs to be shown. A drop down pick list allows for the inclusion of any permutations of items to be displayed on the graphs. This is then further enhanced by the period or time scale selection to allow for maximum flexibility on the graphs. Designed to meet your needs.

Select Data to Graph
Select and transfer items from "Select From" to "Selected" as desired. Actual names and settings will depend on your set up application.

Selection of the Graph Range
Set range as requested The graph is now displayed and is ready to be printed on remand.